Gone for Good - Jack Lee

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Gone for Good, Jack Lee's second poetry collection, is to be published by Ruin Press at the conclusion of 2021. The book includes a critical introduction by Ella Skilbeck-Porter and enigmatic illustrations throughout by Dusty Anastassiou.

"Jack’s second collection takes readers on a psychogeographic journey of shifting landscape, from Sydney
streets in part one titled ‘Here’ to the “foot-worn stone” of Scotland in part two ‘And There’.
Its inquiries about place, history, and remnants are almost archaeological in approach: digging and sifting
through material, laying lost things out. Is anything ever gone for good? Perfectly gone, done and dusted? The past isn’t ever completely past, it lingers, stays a while, departs again, and if you look at time spatially, you can walk around in it." From the introduction by Ella Skilbeck-Porter

This pressing is limited to 200 copies and will be available online via mail order via (shipping worldwide) and select bookstores throughout Australia.

Online orders shipping NOW - with a book launch in Sydney in February 2022.

Gone for Good
Jack Lee
Illustrations by Dusty Anastassiou
With an Introduction by Ella Skilbeck-Porter
First edition limited to 200 copies
71 pages
Perfect bound
ISBN 9780648580829
Published December 2021
Printed in Australia
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Readings from Tips into the Sahara - Nathan Roche and Paul Bonnet

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Ruin Press is very excited to announce a new audio-book, featuring poems from the poetry collection
“Tips into the Sahara”

Nathan Roche & Paul Bonnet of the paranoid electric duo CIA Debutante return to a follow-up from
the Self Portrait of A Previous Life (GWTW) spoken-word cassette.

to listen online, please see

Words and Reading by Nathan Roche
Music by Paul Bonnet
Mastered by Benoit de Villeneuve

Ruin Press

$8 AUD per tape, with $3 shipping in Australia ($11 total)

Limited to 100 copies.
Gold Cassette Tapes with Gatefold Sleeves
Tape Production by Dupe Shop
Tape Artwork designed by Restless Studio Sydney

'Tips from the Sahara' book was published by Glenlivet-a-Gogh in 2019.


To All The Women of Kyneton - Make or Break

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In Australia, there are more statues of animals and oversized fruit than there are memorials to (or about) women, and only a tiny fraction of public statues in Australia honour non-fictional, non-royal women: the vast majority honour dead, white men. To The Women of Kyneton attempts to reverse this imbalance.

For ten days in 2018, Make or Break asked female-identifying people in the Victorian town of Kyneton to propose a public artwork, monument or memorial for the town via an anonymous paper survey. The surveys were collected and displayed in a main street shop window, together with a series of live ‘unveiling' performances at secret locations around the town. This 88 page limited edition book documents ‘Unveilings’ and features a compilation of all the surveys submitted, beautifully reproduced alongside a text by the artists and photographs of the project and performances.

'Unveilings' was made on Taungurung Country, DjadjaWurrung Country and Wurundjeri Country in the Kulin Nation. The artists acknowledge that the land was never given, sold or traded and was instead taken by force, and we pay respects to the traditional custodians and their continuing connections to land, waters and sky. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Printed in Australia
First edition limited to 150 copies
88 pages perfect bound



DEAD AT SLUGS' - Nik Kamvissis

with an accompanying essay by Francis Plagne

Limited to 200 copies

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Punter’s Club, 2001: the set started when he threw himself against the wall, amplified of course. The crying began then didn’t stop. He hit the microphone repeatedly with his forrid, initiating a hypnotic rhythm with intermittent irregularities, frizzy hair jagged. The ritual had begun, everyone was in. After a sustained 10 minute crescendo, Rizili went out into the street, using the pole outside Joe’s Garage the same way as he used the microphone. The crowd followed, bystanders were agape. By the time he ran down Brunswick St, wheezing at an alarming volume, the club was going off, everyone high on possibility, amazed to be there. The set kind of ended when no one knew where Nik was.

I’m writing in Berlin, it’s raining and I was going to go to a gig tonight, but already knew what it sounded like so I didn't. The avant-garde has auto-dissolved once again, at least in this town. Gig’s like Rizili’s don’t happen here, and if they do they’re documented into a tidy art-history oblivion, contextualised into suffocation, given no room to stand free and for themselves. There’s no Berlin MS: a Menstruation Sisters gig comes off genuinely unhinged, pure animal energy distilled into sound.

These drawings capture the unnameable energy of those gigs, an astonishing nexus of detail and mess, a mutation of reference and alterity, another lineage of thought altogether. The visual articulation of the psyche, the clarity of form, its explosion into these exquisite beauties shifts our perception of what figurative drawing can be. These images could only gestate in the most disciplined and isolated of minds, living in stern denial of the comfy pull towards corporate arts hell, creating space to quietly formulate ideas that transcend any concept of relation or community.

Anthony Pateras, 2018.

Publication date March 15th, 2019.
Prepublication orders will be shipped on March 15th.


Devotionals - Marcus Whale

Edition of 150

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2nd edition re-print of Marcus Whale's book Devotionals, with an introductory essay by Jonno Revanche.

With thematic forbears in Genet, Cooper and Wojnarowicz, Devotionals looks at multiple forms of desire through both subjective and objective lenses. Lines are crossed, or unseen - and utterances, instant messages, and human senses interact to procure a new experience. Devotionals is all at once subversive, sexy, beautiful and strange.

Read it on your pillow, with the lights down low.

Marcus Whale is a musician, writer and artist living in Sydney. This is his first collection of poetry.


Upright in the Field - MP Hopkins

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*Last remaining copies will be for sale at the NGV Art Book Fair on March 15-17 2018.

Upright in the Field recalls a series of recording events, read as absurdist memories of the artist's negotiations, triumphs and pitfalls of attempting to capture the aural qualities of various environments. Through this series of ascending vignettes, we encounter descriptions of the author’s investigations of a space and time indeterminate – although one that is very much in motion and engaged with the notion of creative ‘work’. The thirty-two pieces that make up the book intermesh all kinds of performance, sounds, measurements and absurd objects, bringing to mind playful elements of Fluxus, Georges Perec, Kenneth Goldsmith and Anne Garetta.

We are forced to consider through the act of reading, the laborious nature of artistic practice in which the moment of creation is often hidden in the ‘final’ work. The finished ‘object’ obscures and negates this experimental practice from the ‘field’, which is often the most fertile and problematic stage of the creative process. Each page comes across as a succinct micro fiction, akin to the narrative structure inherent through Georg Christoph Lichtenberg’s Waste Books or the novellas of Robert Walser.

Considering Hopkins' assorted explorations of word and sound relationships across drawing, video, sound recordings, objects and performance Upright in the Field situates itself as poetic log-book of the research undertaken in these 'laboratory' based disciplines. Reporting from the front line of the artist's memory during the act of production itself, Hopkins engages us with notions of toil, the often ‘placelessness’ of place, labour as creative exertion and the often overlooked banality of the art action.

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In the Press

An Interview with MP Hopkins by Angela Garrick, about Upright in the Field


PISS - Jack Randall Lee

with Illustrations by Dusty Anastassiou

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Piss brings together an illuminated collection of poems by Sydney based author and musician Jack Lee. Known for his work in Beef Jerk, solo albums, and other more experimental incarnations, this small book presents a continuation of his thematic lineage in written form. The contradictions and confusions of the Australian continent are revealed through fascinating passages dually critiquing and confirming antipodean identity and one's sense of place. Lee's work reflects upon the nature of luck, hedonism, but also the sense of the downtrodden and geographic isolation that the Australian condition has to offer.


Encounters - A.Bermuda

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Encounters is a collection of the lyrics and poetry of A.Bermuda, compiled into one small volume. In the spirit of the great Marion Milner, Encounters reflects trace memories, fragments of long travels, retrospective moments and early lyrics - transposed, morphed and reconsidered.

The book is perfect bound, A5, limited to 100 copies - All signed and numbered by the Author.

"plays out like the re-telling of a surreal dream " - Nathan Roche